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Let's bring biodiversity back to where it is needed most.
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Developing alternative managed pollinators to help Australian crop growers improve pollination and increase yields.

Pollinators around the world are in decline, and climate change, pests, and diseases are threatening the ability of European honey bees to effectively pollinate Australia's crops.


That's where alternative managed pollinators step in.

Pollimo breeds stingless bees, solitary bees, flies, and moths for pollination of crops. 

Get in touch to find out more about how we can work together.

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Alternative managed pollinators are affordable and effective, increasing yields and quality for many crops. They can be used in combination with or independently of other pollination methods.

They also offer the following benefits.

Green Crops


Alternative managed pollinators are pest and disease resistant. No need to worry about state-wide bio security lockdowns in case of pest incursions.


Protected Cropping

Honey bees can get confused, depressed, and suffer in small protected cropping cages. Our pollinators can forage happily in these situations.

Crop Field Aerial Shot

Wide Temperature Range

Alternative managed pollinators can forage in temperatures colder and hotter than honey bees, making them suitable for different climates.


Buzz Pollination

In Australia, buzz pollinated crops such as tomatoes generally must be pollinated by hand. Our pollinators offer an affordable and effective solution.


Northbridge NSW Australia 2063 (by appointment only)


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